"The Surreal Imaginarium of..."

"The Surreal Imaginarium of..." A virtual gallery full of weird and interactive art. 23 Paintings, 2 Galleries and 1 Interdimensional Journey. Coming soon for Oculus Rift


MAD RACE is a post apocalyptic racer with four different cars based off Mad Max Fury Road. The player will have the ability to race and damage other players with various consumables to get into first place and win the race.This game is compatible with Oculus Rift. Below is sample of what we did in 11 weeks.

In this project I was responsible for:

  • Reviewing models submitted, critiquing them and giving advice on how to optimize them.
  • Bringing my teammates up to speed with texturing and unwrapping. 
  • Importing assets into engine. 
  • Setting up the terrain.
  • Modeling a highly detailed vehicle.
  • Setting up all the materials in Unreal 4 including sand, rock, glass, and metal among others.
  • Doing the programming using Blueprints.
  • Creating destructible assets.
  • Creating particle systems including nitro for each car, fire, flares, dust storm and giant dust devils.
  • Creating intro cinematic.
  • Doing GUI for the game menu.
  • Editing, importing and setting up the sounds.
  • Adapting the game for Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift). 
  • (Skulls and Skull Idol by Marlowe Medak)